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Embark on a journey to Pandora and unveil an extensive array of Borderlands Skags collectibles, drawing inspiration from one of the most legendary titles in the gaming industry.

Our collection exclusivelycomprisesofofficial licensed products, including collectibles, figurines, and more, all prominently featuring the game’s official branding.

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The Borderlands series, a collection of first-person shooter video games, was created by Gearbox Software and subsequently published across various platforms by 2K Games, with its first release in 2009.

Following itsinitial success, the game garnered asubstantial and dedicated following, paving the way for the creation ofadditional spin-offs and sequels, includingBorderlands 2 (2012), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (2014) developed by 2K Australia, andBorderlands 3 (2019). Notably, the franchise expanded its narrative universe with Tales from the Borderlands (2014–2015).

What Are Skags?

Skags are a significant and recurring species within the Borderlands universe, inhabiting subterranean tunnels as their natural habitats.

These subterranean-dwelling creaturesexhibit an array of sizes and varieties, with each type adapting to the specific conditions of its habitat. Whetheryou're enticed by the thrill of facing these creatures in-game oryou're a dedicated fanseeking to bring a piece of the Borderlands universe into the real world, our extensive collection caters to all.